imaginatio | kreatív igazgató

Balázs obtained his master?s degree in Visual Communication (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) where he?s a lecturer now, in the fields of visual communication and communication technology. He is also a founder of BBB2030, an open-credit course with the participation of several universities, in the topic of thematic city regions – how Budapest can manage and integrate different urban situations.

theoria | conceptual cityscapes

Géza is a researcher and writer with a truly universal field of interest. He holds a PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. Since 2018 (when he returned to Budapest), he continues to work on applied and theoretical research topics in science and technology, involving the Internet of Things, graphs, networks, and the future of data analysis. At the same time, he frequently writes on art and aesthetics in a fresh, distinct tone, runs a metaphysical group and an accompanying radio show, has poetical and musical output. He coined the term metaurbanism and is passionate about contemplating conceptual cities.

praxis | sustainable city planning

Nam is a research associate at The UCL Bartlett Development Planning Unit, working on on-field environmental research and strategic capacity building projects in the Global South, with emphasis on sustainable urban development. Currently living in Budapest, he also advises the Budapest University of Technology and Economics on the subject of environmental and social impacts of Smart Cities innovation projects in Hungary.


Zoltán VARJÚ

Zoltán Varju is a data scientist. He is working in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. Zoltan is the founder of the Open NLP meetup and runs Crow Intelligence a boutique data science consultancy.

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