The shadow of the city

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In the latest episode of our Urbanum series, the founders of the initiative guide us through the elements of the exhibition titled the Shadow of…

Metaurbanism in practice

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Since their launch in October last year, Urbanum’s team has not only organized events and sparked discussions in the spirit of metaurbanism, the interdisciplinary urban research approach…

Should I dare to use it?

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Urbanum founder Balázs Csizik investigated the matter with French designer Olivier Vadrot, visual artist István Antal and the team of Paradigma Ariadné architecture studio. Public…

Data hunger – A scientific gastronomy tour in District V, Budapest

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Authors: Ivett Kovács, information designer; Tamás Gáspár, data visualization engineer; Milán Janosov, network researcher, Datapolis’s lead researcher; András Világevő Jókuti, food blogger and the founders…

The Danube Chapel

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Author: Géza Kulcsár Despite the long history of analyzing the ages-old symbiosis of river and city, it’s still undecided whether rivers lend their character to…

The Urban Metabolism

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Various streams of material goods, energy, services contribute to the living organism of the city. Only by observing the flux of these elements flowing in…

Danube: more than a river

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City, river, boat – the Danube has become an inseparable part of Budapest’s essence. An important momentum of this is related to the launch of…

Metaurbanism: a Quasi-Manifesto

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Author: Géza KULCSÁRUrbanum is an emerging interdisciplinary urban platform: an open space, a host of podium and salon discussions, a facilitator of collaborative projects about…

Metaurbanism: Understanding the city

Urbanum is an emerging interdisciplinary urban platform:
an open space, a host of podium and salon discussions, a facilitator of collaborative projects about the city in any form, in all of its forms.

Why do we have to care so much about interdisciplinarity when we deal with the city? Because it is the very nature of the city to be interdisciplinary. It takes dozens of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists to change even a tiny fragment of that vast complex which we live in, which we enliven. And this goes way beyond the realm of buildings and streets, to that of imagination: the very stage of our lives has always served, and has to serve, as an inspiration for pictures, words, film and music. This is the true meaning of interdisciplinary thinking: to let those different perspectives on the actual city as well as the fictive city talk to each other. This is a true synthesis of disciplines: this is metaurbanism.


We find that the future of the city, of all the cities we live in, depends on forging a common, inclusive, interdisciplinary understanding. Urbanum is a supradisciplinary space where thoughts create a synthetiCity.


We provide an intellectual space where urban enthusiasts can exchange ideas, perspectives. Urbanum is a discussion forum and a project facilitator – believing in multipliCity.


We welcome everyone and everything, be it an impulse, or a project sparkle, or just a good conversation. Urbanum is a continuous discussion balancing theory and practiCity.


We are all about discourses and partnerships, but retain our own distinct character on intellectual, professional and organizational level. Urbanum is advocating diversity while keeping its authentiCity.

Metaurbanism: looking at the city through the lens of